Modern all-wheel dynamometer

HMS-Tuning owns an up to date all-wheel dynamometer. Since its inital startup in the year 2009 performance measurements are taken every day and meahwhile we did well over thousand. This value added service is offered with every performance improvement product we sell. On request, we also like to examine the current performance of your vehicle. Contact us at to arrange an appointment.

Prices for power measurements (incl. VAT):

  • Standard vehicle just EUR 99,-
  • Four-wheel drive vehicle just EUR 139,-

Double advantage for our customers!

With the ability of performance measurement not only the demand for our performance improvement products increased, but customers satisfaction could be increased too. The advantages for customers are obvious for HMS-Tuning CEO Markus Handloser:

“For customers, I even see double win and transparency. On the one hand our customers receive a qualified test result on the actual performance of their vehicles. On the other hand we are able to demonstrate the quality of our performance improvements to our customers.”

Performance measurements are usualy done once before and immediately after the performance improvement. Upon request, our customers can even be there and watch the performance tests live on the large 46 inches display. The results can be printed in the form of a test report with graphics.

Simply typical to HMS-Tunig: Service – Performance – Transparency!

Technical data of our four-wheel dynamometer:

  • Modern, computer-controlled four-wheel dynamometer
  • Power measurements up to 800 kW and 1.100 HP
  • Measurement of wheel power, engine power and torque
  • Display of measured values on a large 46 inches screen
  • Separate test hall with an exhaust gas extraction (30.000 m³/h)
  • Cooling air unit with air stream over 70.000 m³/h and air speed of 150 km/h

Please contact us to arrange an appointment.