Performance Improvement

Performance tuning is often called in accordance with terms such as chiptuning, car tuning, engine tuning, tuning chip, more power, Eco-tuning, etc..

Performance improvement by HMS-Tuning is the optimization of the engine performance through targeted and effective adjustment of the engine control and engine electronics combined with optimization of the enginge characteristic map. With these measures for software adaptation we realize excellent driving performance in all speed ranges, without negative impact on emissions. In parallel to performance improvement we can increase the maximum speed (Vmax) of vehicles with software limited top speed.

In our large vehicle database meanwhile almost all vehicle models from all manufacturers with diesel, gasoline and truck engines are available. With simple and intuitive selection of vendor and vehicles you will quickly find your model.

Performance improvement at less fuel consumption is realized by our BlueChip-Tuning. With BlueChip-Tuning we also implement a performance optimization. This ensures efficient power development through torque optimization, which is achieved from targeted torque increase. With it even fuel saving means pleasure.

If it must be something more: Additional stages for more power are realized by the installation of turbochargers, by turbo conversion or through the installation of compressor/supercharger kits.

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